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To Create a Happy Retirement, Start with the Three Ps

What’s your financial ‘philosophy’ for your golden years? Is your retirement ‘planning’ specific to you? What’s your ‘process’ to design your dream retirement? This article was featured on Kiplinger.com and written by: Nicholas J. Toman, CFP® July 2, 2023  As

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Is Retirement in 2023 Still Possible?

Yes, it is, if you have a customized plan specific to your retirement. If you do, you’re in the minority, though, so here are some ways to develop that plan. This article was featured on Kiplinger.com and written by: Nicholas

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Finding Your Right Advisor

Finding Your Right Advisor Seeking the right advisor is one of the six pillars in a retirement plan designed for success. It is crucial that you are provided a holistic and specialized approach to retirement, using a clear process designed

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3 Celebrities Who Refused to Retire

It’s always a bit jarring to see the actors and actresses of your youth in the present – sometimes they become unrecognizable with age or disappear from the spotlight altogether. However, there are those rare gems whose talent is ageless

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What’s Your 401(k) Game Plan?

If you’re nearing retirement, have retired, or recently left your company for any reason, you should create a 401(k) game plan. Know how your investment options can expand, how to avoid tax traps, and what you’ll do with any company

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Retirement is Your Never-Ending Summer

As summer draws to a close, we might be planning our last trip to the beach or a favorite weekend destination. Whether you choose to enjoy the long summer days by lounging around with a good book or doing something

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3 Common Scams Aimed at Retirees

Cybercrimes aimed at older Americans have increased five times since 2014, and all too often, they’re successful. Social Security and retirement account scams can be financially devastating and very difficult to correct, so know how to avoid them. Awareness is

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How Will Social Security Respond to Higher Inflation?

Inflation is on the rise, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently testified to Congress regarding the Federal Reserve’s commitment to controlling inflation. He admitted that inflation is “well above target” but didn’t indicate any major changes in Fed policy

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Where Could Your Retirement Income Come From?

You’re used to receiving a paycheck, and perhaps you’ve been used to it steadily increasing over the course of your career. You may have experienced what’s known as “lifestyle inflation” and may not plan to downgrade in retirement. Whatever the

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